7/26/19 • There’s a new song in the air! “End Times Behind, Pt.1” is out today. Czech it!

1/28/19 • Holy smokes! To coincide gracefully with my 40th birthday, here’s a brand new song called “Hazy, Hot & Humid.” Various Small Flames has the scoop and accompanying supremely stoopid video!

11/1/18 • The video for “Young and Beautiful” is here!

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08/03/18 • Esteemed UK music rag Various Small Flames has the inside scoop on Smooth Sailing!

08/03/18 • Smooth Sailing is out today! Find it on your favorite streaming service or download (or purchase a cassette) from Bandcamp!

07/31/18 • Steven Hyden at UPROXX adds "Everyone Out of the Car" to his Monthly Mixtape of favorite songs!

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07/27/18 • Stereogum premieres the bananas video for "Escape the Noise," the first single off Smooth Sailing.

07/20/18 • Extra! Extra! You can now pre-order your copy of Smooth Sailing, the brand new album set to plop on August 3rd!

06/20/18 • Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...

11/16/17 • New news! I'm hard at work on the full-length follow-up to Best Boy, due sometime in 2018!

07/01/17 • The folks at Dolby Disaster trip over themselves fawning over the Get Soft EP!

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10/6/15 • Wake the Deaf premieres the new double A-side single, "The Flood" b/w "Red Sauce Revisited."  Download 'em here!

09/22/15 • Hear "Cold Calling" in a scene where the gang heads to a "punk" show in the latest episode of MTV's Awkward.

04/08/15 • The fine blokes in STATS have conjured up a fantastic remix of "Kiss & Fly." Recommended if you dig big beat/baggy/grebo!

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02/03/15 • NYCTaper archives the Best Boy record release show with such crystal clarity that it sounds like Aerosmith Live! Bootleg.  Listen here!

01/30/15 • Listen to a fun/weird 8-song acoustic set I did on WPRB 103.3FM.  It includes a Crosby/Nash cover for all you "Nashholes" out there.

01/27/15 • Brokelyn gives Best Boy a loving review!

01/19/15 • Thanks to all who came out to the Best Boy Record Release XXXtravaganza!  There are a few copies of the awesome screenprinted poster, some CDs, and other tchotchkes available through the Bandcamp merch page.

01/15/15 • I talked with Jesse from Tanlines about life, liberty, and the Pursuit of HappyNess on his podcast, No Effects with Jesse Cohen.

01/14/15 • Watch Mike Pace and the Child Actors Full-On Electrick Band's television debut on the The Chris Gethard Show tonight at 11pm EST!

01/13/15 • Best Boy is now available for purchase digitally  from iTunes and Amazon!  Get the vinyl through  BandcampSelf-Starter Foundation, Captured Tracks, Co-Op 87, LaserLand and Crazy Eddie

01/09/15 • You can now pre-order the vinyl (limited to 300 copies!) of Best Boy at Bandcamp!

01/08/15 • Listen to Andy Beckerman extract my thoughts on Manifest Destiny, romanticism and peaking early on the Beginnings podcast.

01/07/15 • I talk to Toby Carroll and Vol. 1 Brooklyn about the Interview with a Vampire soundtrack, comedy podcasts, and guitar overdubs.

01/06/15 • Stream Best Boy in its entirety via CMJ.com, Stereogum, or Brooklyn Vegan!

01/05/15 • Hear me pontificate wildly on the rise and fall of the ROCK 'N WRESTLING CONNECTION on the Wrestlefolks podcast.

12/22/14 • I'm the musical guest on the Goddamn Dave Hill Show on WFMU.  You can check out the magick here.

12/19/14 •  I talk to Swimming.ly about music and food.

12/16/14 • Tickets for the full-on electric band Best Boy record release show at Union Hall on January 16th are here!

12/12/14 •  Brooklyn Vegan premieres the "Fire Sale" video!

12/8/14  •  Noisey premieres the "Fire Sale" MP3!


Oh, hi.  I didn't see you there.  

Did you hear that the new Mike Pace and the Child Actors debut full-length long-player, Best Boy will be released on January 13, 2015 on the fine Self-Starter Foundation record label?  Well now you know, Cheech!